Wednesday 21 November 2012

My MS Profile

My Current MS Profile



Multiple Sclerosis (diagnosed June 2011)

MS Sub-type:

Current Treatments & Therapies: 
Interferon beta-1b (self-injection, every other day)
Gabapentin for neuropathic pain relief
Paracetemol for general pain relief
Vitamin D supplement
A new course of physiotherapy three times per week

This is me being 'fatigued' in bed. Honest !

Having detailed my journey from initial symptoms to my diagnosis, quite a few people have been asking how I am now, some 18 months after I first developed symptoms. 

Well, I'm pleased to say that in many respects I do feel a lot better. Some things, such as balance, still don't feel quite right, but they're a long way from where they were when I first got ill. 

My symptoms, however, have changed, and the two predominant ones I have now are pain and fatigue. 

I've been pondering over this for some time, because those two short words don't even begin to encapsulate what both of those symptoms entail, even if I write them in bold, and even if I write them in (gasps!) bold italics ... capitalised!


Nope. Doesn't even come close! It somehow feels as if the words do a disservice by completely understating the effect these symptoms can have on your quality of life. That being said, they both warrant posts of their own, so very soon I will write specific posts on these symptoms, and others, in the detail that they require to express what they are, and what effect they can have on your life. 

However, I am pleased to report that in many ways I am feeling well. I'm trying to keep myself busy and work within my current capabilities as I continue to improve, which can be a challenge, as if there's a day when I'm feeling particularly well I can have a tendency to go a bit nuts and then pay for it in the coming days or even weeks. 

I've committed to a couple of projects that I can fit into small parcels of time. These are:

1) Losing weight (I would like to get down to 17 stone from 19)

2) Learning Romanian (I've apportioned 20 mins a day)

3) Reading and writing more (still difficult for me due to fatigue)

There. I've put it in writing. I'm doing those three things. Slowly and surely. But I've put it out there now and there's no going back! Feel free to ask me in a month's time how I'm doing with those projects, although if I've bailed on all them, expect the bitter retort 'I've got MS, dammit! Give me a break!'. Just kidding. Maybe : o )  

(Serious voice) This picture illustrates pain. As for why, you will have you wait until my cheerful post on pain itself, won't you?


  1. Good to hear you are trying to get on with life Eddie. You are too young to have such a crippling illness, so please dont give up.
    Take care.

    Lorraine xx

  2. Hi,
    After you somehow came across my blog, I swung my way over here to peruse yours as well. I'm sorry to hear you have MS. However, I must say I thoroughly enjoy your writing! Honest with a touch of humor that is on par with my own "superb" quality haha.
    I look forward to reading more!
    Take care.