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A human brain. Somewhere inside mine, things got a bit rubbish.
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Multiple Stupidness

Welcome to Multiple Stupidness! This blog charts my journey from developing the initial symptoms of and then being diagnosed with this wretched disease they call multiple sclerosis. Oh, and living with multiple sclerosis ... can't forget that ... because it's, y'know, something I have to do every day.

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects some 2,000,000 people worldwide, including some 70,000 in Britain and 8,000 in Ireland. In MS, the protective sheath that encases nerve connections in the brain and spinal column is worn away, leading to progressive deterioration in the electrical signals sent by the body's central nervous system. Over time, this cumulative damage gives rise to a bafflingly diverse array of symptoms. You can read more about exactly what MS is and does by clicking here.

I started writing Multiple Stupidness as a means of self-expression; of recording and articulating the journey that this disease has sent me and my family on. In doing so, I hope others can get some understanding of this bizarre condition, its nebulous symptoms, and the daily struggles for those fighting it. In doing so, I can better understand it myself, and it can be a resource for anyone that is similarly dealing with it, whether it be them personally, a family member, or just someone they know or work with.

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I hope you enjoy what you find here.


PS: Oh! The name, right? Well, MS is a really stupid disease, so there's that. But specifically, it's from a lyric my nephew wrote in a rap battle we had (yeah, yeah ... I'm too old for that nonsense, right?). You can read all about that in my first ever Multiple Stupidness post here

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