Sunday, 29 July 2012

Welcome to Multiple Stupidness

This blog is for anyone whose life is affected by (grr!) that horrible disease Multiple Sclerosis. That includes people that have it, that love someone who has it, and those that just want to know a little more about it.

It's also for me - I can't deny it! I became ill in April 2010 and was subsequently diagnosed with MS, and this is my chance to write about it and what it's been like, something I feel I'll be able to do much better in writing than I can in person.

"Ed ... I'm so sorry to have heard! How have you been?"

It's a common, kind and reasonable question, but my mind goes blank whenever I'm confronted with it. How can I summarise (in a reasonable time) what the past year or so has been like? I often can't express it adequately in my own head, let alone verbalise it on the spot.

So, this will be my chance, for anyone that cares to read it. I will also have the opportunity to share resources, articles of interest and other information that may be of use to anyone affected by MS.

Oh ... the blog name, right? Multiple Stupidness.

Just after I was diagnosed, my nephew came to visit, and we decided to entertain ourselves by having a 'rap battle' - for those that have never seen the film 8 Mile, it's basically taking it in turns to insult each other through the medium of rap! I was ambling along with the usual fare: rhyming about his acne, his braces, the fact that his girlfriend left the country shortly after they started going out.

And this was his rhyme:

So Ed
I hear you've just been diagnosed with MS
What does that stand for
Multiple Stupidness?

Me and my hard-rhyming git of a nephew

I have to tell you now: this moment was a shining light during a pretty miserable period of my life! The truth is that there's nothing remotely funny about MS - it's a pitiful disease that gatecrashes into your life and threatens to consume everything you know and love. So MS itself isn't funny. But life is funny, and we create our own humour in life. I laughed like I hadn't laughed in months when he recited that rhyme. It was a brilliant lyric, but it was also a reminder to me: not to lose the ability to laugh in the face of this trial, to attack MS for what it is (a miserly, nasty and utterly stoooopid disease!) and to not let MS take away the things that I value most in life.

My name is Eddie, by the way. I will write a proper 'My Story' section soon. In the meantime, welcome again to Multiple Stupidness! Keep reading, keep fighting and keep smiling.



  1. Enjoyable read Ed, a bit of therapy no doubt? I look forward to some more blogs of multiple stupidity :)

  2. hi there.
    Interesting, Funny, but very practical thing to do Eddie.
    My Name is T.
    Hope to read more soon.
    Keep the head up.

  3. Well done, Ed! This is such a great initiative. This blog is definitely for us, as you know we love you so much!!

  4. I like your Lexicolatry, which I serendipitously came across as I was searching an image of a Poop. You can imagine what a relief it had been to find a picture of a ship among a pile of poops google was spitting on my face. I was reading the Secret Sharer of Joseph Conrad that made me want to see what a Poop looked like. A click at the image of a ship brought me to your page about Bilge, and as I scrolled down, there, on top, was the Poop. Then I was curious to whom I owe this kindness, and there you are, and there you lead me to multiple stupidness!

    I admit, there were tears in my eyes; not of sadness, but of joy that could only come about from googling for a picture of a Poop.

    THANK YOU!!!